Author: Elif Shafak

My mother died twice. I promised myself I would not let her story be
forgotten . . . Pembe and Adem Toprak leave Turkey for London. There they
make new lives for their family. Yet the traditions and beliefs of their
home come with them - carried in the blood of their children, Iskender and
Esma. Trapped by past mistakes, the Toprak children find their lives torn
apart and transformed by a brutal and chilling crime. Set in Turkey and
London in the 1970s,Honourexplores pain and loss, loyalty and betrayal, the
clash of tradition and modernity, as well as the love and heartbreak that
can tear any family apart. 'Vivid storytelling, a gripping novel . . .
scenes blaze with the force of parable.' Sunday Telegraph 'A stunning
novel. Exotic, evocative and utterly gripping.' The Times 'Moving, subtle
and ultimately hopeful, Honour is further proof that Shafak is the most
exciting Turkish novelist to reach western readers in years.' Irish Times
'Extraordinarily skilfully crafted . . . with Shakespearean twists and
turns, omens and enigmas, prophecies and destinies.' Independent

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