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Loss and Recovery - Thryft

Loss and Recovery

We can all agree that life inevitably comes with painful losses. Whether it be the loss of life, limb, freedom, health or relationships, it’s natural that you’d encounter these painful elements at some point in your life. Death and loss, as well as the accompanying emotion of grief, can be difficult topics to delve into. The uncertainty of what happens next, and the distress at the thought of losing yourself or your loved ones, can be paralysing.  

The books I’ve curated below reflect this. They deal with very heavy and challenging themes of death, pain and loss. They are deep and hefty topics that might sound depressing, but thankfully they come with a silver lining. These books ultimately celebrate the indomitable human spirit, the one that prevails despite the most arduous of circumstances. They offer lessons on drawing support from loved ones and finding joy and meaning in those around you - human or animal. 

I hope these books inspire conversation and bring you healing. I know I need it.

Curated by: Joy Fang

Check out Joy's interview about this collection on our blog here.

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