Description: Travelling is a common love for Singaporeans, and these place poems remind us of the cities outside ours that dream for us.

In this book, poems and street photographs dream of the modern city, laying a poetic geography over the urban landscapes of Hong Kong and Singapore. Dreaming is interspersed with beautiful photographs. capturing the two great cities in images and words.

fiftythree/zerothree is an exciting title: here is "a new purposefulness, an impatience with the opacity of the material world which the artist’s new-found powers strive to penetrate. and flashes of a new brilliance are evident, illuminating felicitous syntheses of image and idea. to take a walk through this collection is to participate in the artist’s discovery of her evolving potential, in a way instructive to those who, like the poet, believe there are poems out there inscribed in every landscape and waiting to be uncovered.” – Lee Tzu Pheng

Consists of: Dreaming Cities (Very Good), fiftythree/zerothree (Very Good)

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