Description: These Singlit short stories are close to heart and home.

In the off-white, smooth-textured and aroma-scented malls of Singapore, the gloom of death seems to linger, haunting the city’s cleanliness with the cold chill of an empty hospital. Verena Tay’s Spectre revels in this chill, resurrecting horror myths and letting them loose in a city of health fanatics, giving voice to the lingering souls of wives betrayed by husbands, and of those forgotten in the masculine swirling tides driving the city.

In Singapore, Australia and Jakarta, worlds fall apart, everyone is looking for an escape and nothing will be the same again. Exploring possibility and desire, yearning and identity, We Rose Up Slowly is the debut collection of short stories by Jon Gresham.

Consists of: Spectre (Like New), We Rose Up Slowly (Liike New)

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