Description: Here's some of Ng Yi-Sheng's early works! Ng Yi-Sheng is a fulltime Singaporean writer whose controversial literary works have garnered much critical acclaim. Besides writing fiction, poetry, drama, critiques and non-fiction, he is also actively involved in theatre, with his plays staged by various theatre groups.

His debut poetry collection, last boy, garnered him the Singapore Literature Prize in 2008. Many of the poems in Last Boy centre on his reconciliation and acceptance of his sexuality. A coming of age collection, Yi-Sheng's last boy is a heartfelt work about what it means to grow up and into yourself.

In Eating Air, Ng Yi-Sheng adapts Kelvin Tong and Jasmine Ng's award-winning movie into novel form. It tells the story of the romance between a copy shop assistant and a teenage motorcycle punk. Here is a highly rated love story on the streets of Singapore, a surreal tale of kung fu fantasies, loan sharks, drug deals, sting rays, brotherhood, romance, and the frustrated dreams of a young underclass searching for their own freedom in our concrete jungle.

Consists of: last boy (Very Good), Eating Air (Well Read)

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