Construction project management planning, scheduling and controlling a project is a mission. Completing a project on time, keeping quality, costs resources and schedules in line with efficient planning is the objective of this mission. "Construction Project Management" provides a thorough understanding of construction project management by providing various concepts, practical insights, real life examples and skills to execute large and small projects. The book arises out of the author's several years of experience in managing large construction projects in India, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman and UAE. It dwells at length on planning, a topic of concern to project managers. Numerous examples, problems, exhibits and data have been included to demystify the subject.
The book contains 18 chapters, divided into four parts: Construction Project Management Overview: project management process, project failures, planning, scheduling and controlling; Time Planning: Methodologies for breaking down project work into activities, activity duration estimation, modeling and time analysis of CPM, PERT and Precedence networks; preparation of time-limited and resources-limited schedules; Resource Planning: strategies for planning manpower, construction materials, plant machinery, production costs and project budgets; and, Planning Control Systems: Organisation of control systems, methodologies for controlling resource productivity, costs, time, codification of planning systems and management of information systems using information technology. The book will be useful for project managers, their team member, trainers, project consultants, architects and students of civil engineering and business management.

Author: Krishan Chitkara
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 450
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
Publication Date: 16 Aug 1998

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